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Amamiya Sora Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Sora has appeared in are as follows.

2016.10.22Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2016 [live]guest
2018.03.24Anime Japan 2018 Nanatsu no Taizai Special Stage [live]guest
2018.06.28Amamiya Sora Album and Live Tour Chokuzen Special Talkhost
2018.09.01Magia Day 2018guest
2019.01.14Gorgeous@Revolution 19guest
2019.04.14High School Fleet Housou Kaishi 3 Shuunen Eventguest
2019.05.27Gorgeous@Revolution 28video
2019.09.08Magia Day 2019guest
2019.12.09Idoly Pride Jouhou Kaikin Tokubetsu Bangumiguest
2020.06.13Kanojo Okarishimasu Special Tokubanhost
2020.09.05Amamiya Sora Aoshaberihost
2020.10.31TrySail no Halloween Party Tokuban aftertalkhost
2021.01.19TrySail Studio Live Bluray Hatsubai Kinen Shinnen Tokubanhost
2021.01.30Kono Fan Live! 10host
2021.02.27Guest to Issho ni Miru "Animelo Summer Live 2017 -The Card- Day 3"guest
2021.03.26Amamiya Sora Aoshaberihost
2021.05.08Second Shot Night Girls Party 2021 Hiru no Buguest