Seiyuu Related Books and Magazines

In the 1990's, many books and magazines on voice actors have started to come out.

Seiyuu magazines and reference books There are magazines dedicted to seiyuu now. Most of these magazines began publishing in 1994 or so, when the popularity of anime and game seiyuu increased dramatically, i.e. the current seiyuu boom.
There are also some reference books filled with seiyuu data.
Seiyuu books and photo collections Many seiyuu have started to release their own books, containing essays and writings, or photo collection books.
Anime magazines All of the major anime magazines contain articles or information about anime seiyuu.
Game magazines Many of the major game magazines contain articles or information about game seiyuu.
Weekly and monthly comics magazines Since many of the weekly and monthly comics turn into TV anime, some of the idol seiyuu have appeared in articles or photo collections in the weekly and monthly comics magazines.
Idol magazines Since there is a slight overlap between the idol seiyuu and the real idols, some of the seiyuu have appeared in idol magazines.
Other magazines Some of the non-seiyuu magazines occasionally carry articles and interviews of seiyuu, as the seiyuu boom has started getting noticed by the general public.

The text database containing seiyuu book and magazine information is listed below. This database only includes books and magazines where the seiyuu were featured prominently.

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