Weekly and monthly comics (Spirits)

The following are some of the Weekly Big Comic Spirits issues which have seiyuu appearances.

date magazine seiyuu
2021.12.13Shuukan Spirits 2022 No.2-3Itou Miku
2021.06.28Shuukan Spirits 2021 No.30Hidaka Rina
2021.04.26Shuukan Spirits 2021 No.21-22Itou Miku
2020.11.23Shuukan Spirits 2020 No.52Saitou Shuka
2020.08.17Shuukan Spirits 2020 No.38Itou Miku
2019.12.09Shuukan Spirits 2020 No.2-3Saitou Shuka
2019.09.09Shuukan Spirits 2019 No. 41Itou Miku
2019.08.19Shuukan Spirits 2019 No. 38Saitou Shuka
2019.07.01Shuukan Spirits 2019 No. 31Aida Rikako
2019.04.15Shuukan Spirits 2019 No. 20Saitou Shuka
2018.11.19Shuukan Spirits 2018 No. 51Ozaki Yuka
2018.06.11Shuukan Spirits 2018 No. 28Ozaki Yuka, Uchida Maaya, Nishiyama Koutarou

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