Shounen Magazine 2015 vol 27

Shounen Magazine 2015 vol 27
on sale 2015.06.03
270 yen

The cover of Shounen Magazine vol 27 has a photo of Matsui Rena (SKE48). There is also a small photo of Uchida Maaya (Ŀ).

There is a color, one page interview with Maaya.

This is for a new section called "Maga Sugo", where the editors of the magazine choose a "sugoi" person of the week.

There is one large photo of Maaya.

Maaya is doing the voice of Itou Miyabi in the anime Yamada-kun to 7 nin no Majo.

She also released her third single, "Karappo Capsule".

Maaya says that she always stretches while yelling out loud before the after recording sessions.

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