Shounen Magazine 2016 vol 43

Shounen Magazine 2016 vol 43
on sale 2016.09.21
270 yen

There is a very small photo of Sakura Ayane (Ұ) on the cover of Shounen Magazine vol 43.

There is a four page color photo collection of Ayane.

There were some comments by Ayane regarding the manga and anime Days. Ayane does the role of Tachibana Sayuri in Days. In the last photo, Ayane is wearing a soccer shirt and holding a soccer ball, as Days is a story about soccer.

There is also a three page interview with the seiyuu of the anime movie Koe no Katachi (η). There were large photos of the seiyuu, and the seiyuu interviewed were Irino Miyu, Hayami Saori (ḫ), Yuuki Aoi (ͪ).

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