Young Jump 2019 Vol.52

Young Jump 2019 Vol.52

2019.12.12 issue
on sale 2019.11.28
360 yen

There is a small photo of Guilty Kiss on cover of Young Jump vol.52.

There is a 4 page color photo collection of the Love Live Sunshine group Guilty Kiss at the back of the magazine.

The latest single by Guilty Kiss "New Romantic Sailors" is on sale now.

This is the first issue of 5 consecutive issues featuring Love Live Sunshine seiyuu.

The 5 issues are as follows.

Young Jump issue seiyuu
2019 vol.52 Guilty Kiss
2020 vol.1 Cyaron
2020 vol.2 Azalea
2020 vol.3 Saint Snow
2020 vol.4-5 Saint Aqours Snow

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