Young Jump 2020 Vol.4-5

Young Jump 2020 Vol.4-5

2020.01.09 issue
on sale 2019.12.26
380 yen

The cover of Young Jump vol.4-5 has a full page photo of the Love Live Sunshine group Saint Aqours Snow.

There are three sections of photos of the Love Live seiyuu. There are 6 pages at the front, 4 pages in the middle, and 3 pages at the back of the magazine.

There is also a two-sided folded pull out poster. One side has the anime characters, and the other has the seiyuu.

The first section has 6 pages of photos. The seiyuu are wearing red outfits.

The second section has 4 pages of photos of each group. They are wearing the street clothes outfits that they wore in the previous four issues.

The third section has 3 pages of photos. They are wearing the blue outfits for the song "Awaken the Power".

This is the last issue of 5 consecutive issues featuring Love Live Sunshine seiyuu.

The 5 issues are as follows.

Young Jump issue seiyuu
2019 vol.52 Guilty Kiss
2020 vol.1 Cyaron
2020 vol.2 Azalea
2020 vol.3 Saint Snow
2020 vol.4-5 Saint Aqours Snow

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