Young Jump 2021 Vol.19

Young Jump 2021 Vol.19

2021.04.22 issue
on sale 2021.04.08
400 yen

There is a small photo of the seiyuu group Liella on the cover of Young Jump Vol. 19.

There are two photo collections of Liella (from Love Live Superstar) in the magazine, 5 pages in the middle and 5 pages at the back of the magazine.

In the first section, the Liella members are wearing their school uniforms, and the photos were taken in a school. There are individual photos of the seiyuu, along with simple profile information.

In the second section, the Liella members are wearing two sets of street clothes, and the photos were taken outdoors.

The Love Live Superstar TV anime will be broadcast in July 2021. Liella's debut single "Hajimari ha Kimi no Sora" is on sale now.

The members of Liella and their characters are as follows.

Shibuya KanonDate Sayuri
Tan KukuLiyuu
Arashi ChisatoMisaki Nako
Heanna SumirePayton Naomi
Hazuki RenAoyama Nagisa

There is also on one page article on the TV anime Shadows House, with small photos of the seiyuu Kugimiya Rie (ţ), Nakahara Mai (渶), Ohnishi Saori ().

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