Heroine Games vol. 2

NONE Heroine Games vol. 2

Sony Magazines
980 yen
released 1998.01.23

The Sentimental Graffiti Original Soundtrack will go on sale 2/28. Besides just the music, it will be a CD Extra for Win95 and Mac.

Voice Jam Close Up 1

1 page on Shiina Hekiru's new album "Baby Blue Eyes" (on sale 2/1). Gives info on her Starting Legend '98 concert tour 1/31 to 3/8.

Voice Jam Close Up 2

2 pages on Kingetsu Mami. She will have a new album "K-Brand" going on sale 2/4. There will also be a series of events for this CD.

Voice Jam Live Report

2 pages on the Girls Be Graduation Tour. Lots of small color pictures from the concert.

Sentimental Graffiti

Pages 14 to 59 are all Sentimental Graffiti related stuff!

2 pages of color pictures of the 12 seiyuu (small pictures).

4 pages of detailed information about the game system.

The next 36 pages have character and seiyuu information (2 pages per each character, and 1 page for each seiyuu), going from north-east to south-west. A full page picture for each seiyuu!

2 pages on Sentimental Graffiti goods. (both goods in stores, and catcher machine goods)

2 pages "Usakabe Shinbun R", featuring the Usagi Gumi girls. Lots of little pictures from the various events: Animate Yokohama, Cosplay Live, Sega Saturn Digital Circus, Taito Station. (too bad the pictures are so small..)


4 pages on Noel la neige [Playstation] (color). The last 2 pages is an interview with Kakazu Yumi and Mizuki Nana, with color pictures.

2 pages on Daiundoukai [Playstation] (color).

1 page on Princess Quest [Sega Saturn] (color).

1 page on Eve The Lost One [Sega Saturn] (monochrome).

1 page on Prism Court [Playstation] (monochrome).

1 page on Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album [Playstation, Sega Saturn] (monochrome).

1 page on Refrain Love 2 [Playstation] (monochrome).

1 page on Anoko Dokonoko [Playstation] (monochrome).

1 page column by Mannaka Yukiko, with monochrome pictures.

1 page interview of Nakagawa Akiko by Arishima Moyu (who is studying to be a seiyuu at Aoni Juku), with monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Roommate 3 [Sega Saturn] (color).

2 pages on Doukoku Soshite.. [Sega Saturn] (color).

2 pages on Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari [Playstation] (color). The PC-FX game will come out on the Playstation as a 4 disc game. There is a half page interview of Tachibana Hikari, with a color picture.

2 pages on Seifuku -High School Countdown- [Sega Saturn] (color).

2 pages on Zutto Issho [Playstation] (color).

2 pages on Houkago Ren'ai Club [Sega Saturn] (color).

1 page on Kikuchi Shiho, with color pictures.

1 page on Maeda Ai, with color pictures. Ai wants to do a solo live.

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