Heroine Games 1997 vol 1

NONE Heroine Games 1997 vol 1

Sony Magazines
980 yen
released 1997.09.26

color section

7 pages on Fujisaki Shiori and some other Tokimeki Memorial related things.

16 pages on Desire and Imadio/Imagineer (the company that makes Desire). [Sega Saturn, on sale now]

Articles on Meltylancer, Marie no Atelier, Kaitou Ranma, an others.

8 pages on Sentimental Graffiti (the game). Half page on each character. A few screen shots from the game for each character. Some information and screen shots of the game play.

2 pages on Usagi Gumi (the six new seiyuu in Sentimental Graffiti). There are many pictures of the Usagi Gumi. One page has pictures of them from the Autumn Game Show, and the other page has pictures of them from the Sentimental Graffiti concert.

2 pages on Noel La Neige. A small picture of the three seiyuu, Neya Michiko, Kakazu Yumi, and Mizuki Nana.

2 pages on Mitsume Naito (or Knight or Night). [Playstation, on sale Spring 1998]

2 pages on Sotsugyou III. [Playstation and Sega Saturn, on sale in 1998]

Articles with lots of pictures and information on Yu-No [Sega Saturn], Friends [Sega Saturn], Blue Breaker [Sega Saturn], Houkago Ren'ai Club [Sega Saturn], Tactical Fighter [Sega Saturn], Sakura Taisen 2 [Sega Saturn], Power Dolls 2 [Playstation], Prism Court [Playstation], Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2 [Playstation/Sega Saturn], Final Love [Sega Saturn], Wizard's Harmony 2 [Playstation/Sega Saturn], Wanga Trial Love [Sega Saturn], Debut 21 [Playstation], Princess Quest [Sega Saturn], Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 3 [Sega Saturn], Dai Undoukai [Playstation/Sega Saturn], and more..

1 page article with Kikuchi Shiho, with lots of little pictures of Shiho showing lots of goods.

monochrome section

7 pages on Roommate -Ryoko in Summer Vacation- [Sega Saturn].

1 page column with Mannaka Yukiko, with two monochrome pictures. [This is the first one.]

color section

Voice Jam scene 1
4 pages on Miyamura Yuko, with lots of color pictures.

Voice Jam scene 2
4 pages on Tange Sakura, with lots of color pictures. It gives information about Sakura's "Make You Smile" tour, and the events that she will have at some universities in November.

Voice Jam live report 1
2 pages on Shiina Hekiru's "Starting Legend 97" concerts. (lots of color pictures)

Voice Jam live report 2
2 pages on the Sentimental Graffiti Summer Concert. A picture of everyone on stage singing the final song, and individual pictures of everyone singing their solo song. (nice pictures)

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