Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 13

NONE 声優グランプリ vol 13

Opt Communications
980 yen
released 1997.09.10

[information provided by Jimmy Chan, with additions by Hitoshi Doi.]

The cover has Nakagawa Akiko and Iizuka Mayumi.

Color section

11 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko and Iizuka Mayumi.
Sandwiched between two full page ads for their albums, there's a photo section featuring our flowerets Nakagawa Akiko & Iizuka Mayumi. First photo has the pair in matching white nightgowns holding hands back-to-back in front of a row of trees. Some indoor scenes. More photos of the two chasing, and being chased by, the camera. Some pictures of them separately and together.

A section on Hisakawa Aya and her book "Oyasumi, P-suke". Aya posing by a framed watercolor of P-suke (appears to be a finch of some sort). Aya, sitting and walking in the grass. More Aya, surrounded by floating watercolors of P-suke.
(5 color pages)

Kouda Mariko at her Special Summer Live '97 concert. The rain is pouring down, but she's all smiles.
More Kouda Mariko. A "Looking For" press conference for her movie, then several pages on Game Museum.
(7 color pages)

Garish section with Shiratori Yuri. Colorized in bright oranges and greens. The last page has a few normal pictures.
(5 color pages.. I hate the "processed" pictures! - H.Doi)

4 color pages on Sotsugyou. It has the 12 seiyuu of the characters from Sotsugyou, Sotsugyou II, and Sotsugyou Crossworld. There is a two-page group shot, and smaller individual pictures of each seiyuu. (Tsuru Hiromi, Hisakawa Aya, Hagimori Junko, Urawa Megumi, Nanba Chieko, Touma Yumi, Shimakata Junko, Mita Yuko, Kanamaru Hinako, Suzuki Saori, Yamazaki Wakana, Nakajima Chisato)
[Too bad the Sotsugyou Vacation girls aren't there. - H.Doi]

2 color pages on Shiina Hekiru's Starting Legend 97 summer concert.

2 color pages on Anime Freak FX volume 5, featuring swimsuit pictures of Sugawara Sachiko, Ohmori Ayano, Nagata Kozue, Satou Yumi, Matsuura Yukiko, and Mitsuhashi Kanako.

2 color pages on Sakurai Tomo and Moriya Hisoka's challenge. They are in Shinjuku Joypolis. Hisoka beat Tomo in the "Mission Q" laser shooting game.

2 color pages on Ogata Megumi.

2 color pages on Nagasaki Moe. Moe is walking in Yotsuya, in a light rain. Moe is wearing a green, white, blue, yellow checkered suit, and a white skirt (long, comes down below her knees). She's holding a teddy bear umbrella.

2 pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 pages on Hayami Sho.

2 pages on Kawana Midori.

1 page on the Tomo Natsu '97 concert. Quarter page picture of Sakurai Tomo in "floral" dress, and smaller pictures of other outfits. A nice full body picture of Nagasaki Moe in a blue yukata, and a tiny picture of Yuuseioujo too.

Short articles and pictures from some other events.
Sakura Taisen musical, Mahou Tsukai Tai, Ryuuki Denshou, Moonlight Cafe (Orikasa Ai), Siesta (Kasahara Hiroko), Girls Be (in Akihabara), Princess Rouge recording, and Slayers/Tenchi movie.

1 page on Slayers Try with a group shot of the seiyuu, and 1 page on Voogie's Angel with a group shot of the seiyuu (missing Inoue Kikuko and Tange Sakura).

Seiyuu album self recommendations. (half page on each album)
"Fuiuchi" by Miyamura Yuko, "Double Direction" by Sasaki Nozomu, "A Day -Kaze ni Naru Hi-" by Kasahara Rumi, "Make You Smile" by Tange Sakura, "Kataomoi" by Iizuka Mayumi, "Songs and Days" by Nakagawa Akiko, "French Daisakusen" by Girls Be (one page on this one).

4 pages on the making of "Kimochi", Iwao Junko's latest album. Lots of little pictures of Junko in studio, posing for photos, etc. Production took about 7 months.

Monochrome section

Short articles by some seiyuu describing how they became seiyuu. Matsumoto Rica, Kanai Mika, Nagasawa Miki, Tamagawa Sakiko, Tarako, Hidaka Noriko. One monochrome picture of each seiyuu.

Ranking by the fans: Seiyuu who sing well.

  1. Hayashibara Megumi
  2. Kouda Mariko
  3. Miyamura Yuko
  4. Shiina Hekiru
  5. Iwao Junko
  6. Sakurai Tomo
  7. Kasahara Hiroko
  8. Ogata Megumi
  9. Koyasu Takehito
  10. [tie] Sasaki Nozomu
    [tie] Takayama Minami
6 pages of talk between Yamadera Kouichi and Seki Toshihiko. Lots of monochrome pictures.

Color section

A fold-out poster of Iizuka Mayumi on one side and Nakagawa Akiko on the other.

3 color pages on Komori Manami, including a list of all of her albums.

7 pages of game information (mostly games with a heavy emphasis on seiyuu and voices). Most of them had tiny pictures of seiyuu, individual or group shots from the recordings.

The "digital processed photo" this month is Tange Sakura,

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