Virtual Idol 2

NONE バーチャル・アイドル2

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
690 yen
released 1994.11.??

The cover has Aruru and other characters from Puyo Puyo in a winter (snow) background. There are also small pictures of Kouda Mariko and Shiina Hekiru.

17 pages (first 11 pages in color) on Doukyuusei. (lots of information on the characters)

9 pages on Neo Geo characters (monochrome sketches).

7 pages on Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna.

7 pages on Aruru and Madou Monogatari.

1 page (full page picture) of Kouda Mariko.

2 page event report on Kouda Mariko's first solo live, 1994.11.03 in Kyoto. Several color pictures.

1 page on Hisakawa Aya, a couple monochrome pictures.

Half page on Kusachi Fumi'e mini album, with some monochrome pictures.

Half page on Mitsuishi Kotono's CD single "Dare Yori Kagayaite". Monochrome picture.

Half page on Amano Yuri's second album, with monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Shiina Hekiru, with monochrome pictures.

Half page event report on the "Twin Bee Paradise Fukkatsu Zen'yasai" event, with Kouda Mariko, with monochrome pictures.

5 color pages on Samurai Spirits.

10 color page article on virtual idols. 1 page of that is on 3 dimensional idols, with color pictures of Chiba Reiko, Kouda Mariko, Shiina Hekiru, Kanamaru Hinako, Tominaga Miina, Kanai Mika, and Kasahara Hiroko.

7 color pages on the heroines of Sega Saturn games. (Rayearth, Blue Seed, Metal Fighter Miku)

6 color pages on Idol Boueitai Hummingbird. Lots of pictures of the animated characters and the seiyuu. Pictures of the seiyuu from their concerts and events. Comes with a timeline of the Hummingbird events, and a listing of all the CDs and videos.

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