Virtual Idol 7

NONE バーチャル・アイドル7

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1996.03.22

The cover has a picture of Kingetsu Mami.

11 page color article on Tokimeki Memorial. Lots and lots of pictures of Shiori. Some color pictures of Kingetsu Mami.

6 page monochrome interview with Kingetsu Mami.

6 more pages on Tokimeki Memorial, monochrome pictures.

2 pages monochrome, article "Michigan Yori Ai wo Komete" by Kingetsu Mami.

5 pages on Doukyuusei.

6 pages on Princess Maker.

6 pages on Key the Metal Idol. Lots of pictures from the anime. There is a short event report (half page), with a color picture of Nagasawa Miki and Iwao Junko, cosplaying as Sakura and Key. (Junko is wearing glasses in this picture.)

2 pages on Virtua Fighter Kids.

2 pages on the Evangelion Sega Saturn game.

1 page on the Bakuretsu Hunter Sega Saturn game.

1 page on the El Hazard PC98 game.

1 page on the Sailor Moon Supers Super Famicom game and the Wedding Peach PC98 game.

seiyuu pages

2 pages on Shiina Hekiru, with color pictures. A live report on her Starting Legend 96 concert tour.

4 pages on Minami Omi, with color pictures. Some of Omi's vital statistics are: 1968.07.13 in Tokyo, type B, 157 cm, 42 kg, 23 cm, 78-56-82. Her favorite colors are orange and white.

2 pages on Miyamura Yuko, with color and monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Shiina Hekiru, monochrome pictures.

4 pages on Kouda Mariko, monochrome pictures.

2 pages "Oshaberi Tea Time" column with Tominaga Miina. The guest is Kasahara Hiroko. Monochrome pictures.

2 pages on the seiyuu group Piipers, individual monochrome pictures of every female member. Asano Ruri, Uwagawa Emi, Eizuka Chie, Enomoto Mikiko, Katou Hikari, Kikuchi Shiho, Kojima Tomoko, Konishi Hiroko, Sakakibara Hiroko, Tanaka Hiromi, Miura Chiyo, Miyagawa Miho, Miyajima Hitomi, Moto Minako, Yanagihara Miwa, and Yoshida Tomomi.
[Piipers was the group that was on the TV show Say You Club.]

1 page (monochrome) article on Hisakawa Aya's CD and videos. For You For Me, Aya Mail 1 1/2.

Half page (monochrome) on Kasahara Hiroko's new CD and video.

Lots of other CD, LD, and video information regarding seiyuu.

Radio recording reports, 1 page (monochrome pictures) on Mitsuishi Kotono's "Bukatsu Shiyo". 1 page (monochrome pictures) on Kimagure Orange Road Original, with Miyamura Yuko and Iwata Mitsuo.

Virtual Idol Express

Lots of games character information, with color pictures. After recording reports with small color pictures of the seiyuu for various games.

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