Virtual Idol 11

NONE バーチャル・アイドル11

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
980 yen
released 1996.09.22

The cover has Kingetsu Mami.

The included poster is also a poster of Kingetsu Mami.

10 pages on Twinbee Paradise. Many color pictures of Kouda Mariko. There's a discography of the Twinbee Paradise drama CDs.

4 pages on Suu Chii Pai.

6 pages on Kakyuusei.

6 pages on Tokimeki Memorial.

4 pages on Fire Woman Matoigumi. There are small color pictures of Hayashibara Megumi, Mitsuishi Kotono, Amano Yuri, and Miyamura Yuko.

4 pages on Chip-chan Kick!

2 pages on Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari.

2 pages on Heroine Dream.

2 pages on Voice Paradice Eccella (Playstation). Color pictures of the characters and seiyuu (Tomizawa Michie, Nagashima Yuko, Hisakawa Aya, Kouda Mariko, Tange Sakura).

2 pages on Sentimental Graffiti. Pictures of the 12 characters in front of "real" date spots.

2 pages (Sentimental Girl interview) on Yonemoto Chizu.

2 pages on the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu audition. There is a small group picture of the 6 seiyuu that already have roles. (Suzuki Mariko, Oda Michiko, Maeda Ai, Toyoshima Machiko, Mannaka Yukiko, Yonemoto Chizu)

2 pages on Konishi Hiroko, with lots of color pictures.

2 pages by Kouda Mariko, with a color picture of Mariko in a camera store.

2 pages "Oshaberi Tea Time", Tominaga Miina's column, with Tamagawa Sakiko as the guest. Monochrome pictures of Miina and Sakiko.

1 page on Voogie's Angel SR, with a monochrome picture of Kikuchi Shiho, Araki Kae, and Shocker Ohno.

1 page on the Voogie's Angel CD, video, and seiyuu audition. A monochrome picture of Hisakawa Aya from the 8/31 event.

Half page on Yokoyama Chisa's new CD, video, and live event, with a monochrome picture.

2 color pages on the Tokimeki Memorial 96 summer caravan. Many small color pictures of Kingetsu Mami and others.

2 pages on Kouda Mariko's Happy Happy Happy concert on 8/21. Lots of color pictures.

2 pages on the Voogie's Angel event (8/31). A nice picture of Tange Sakura, Hisakawa Aya, and a group shot of Tange Sakura, Hisakawa Aya, Kikuchi Shiho, Mitsuishi Kotono, and Shocker Ohno.

Half page on Komori Manami's "Courage" event (8/11), with color pictures.

Half page on Tomo Natsu 96, with 4 color pictures. (Sakurai Tomo)

Half page on Iwao Junko's summer concert, with 3 color pictures.

Half page on Shiina Hekiru's concert 8/29, with a color picture.

Half page on the Wedding Peach event, with a picture of Furils (Hikami Kyoko, Miyamura Yuko, Imai Yuka, and Nogami Yukana).

Quarter page on Kusachi Fumie's concert, with two color pictures.

Quarter page on the "Asuka 120%" event, with a group picture of the four seiyuu. (Sayama Riko is one of them.)

Half page on a Something Dreams event, with a color picture of Tominaga Miina and Shiina Hekiru, and guest Kasahara Rumi.

Half page on the W's live, with color pictures of Yokoyama Chisa and Nogami Yukana.

Quarter page on the Funky Twins event, with a color picture of Shinohara Emi and Fukami Rica.

Quarter page on the Amitie event, with color pictures of Yoshida Konami, Araki Kae, and Kusachi Fumie.

Half page on the Tokyo Game Show, with color pictures of Tange Sakura, Miyamura Yuko, and Kingetsu Mami.

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