Adrenaline [anime version]

Adrenaline (Try Sail)

released 2017.05.24
1600 yen+tax

This CD+DVD package contains the opening song to the TV anime Eromanga-sensei (エロマンガ先生).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Adrenaline!!!
  2. Kakawari (かかわり)
  3. Adrenaline!!! -TV Version-
  4. Adrenaline!!! [Instrumental]
  5. Kakawari [Instrumental]
Songs by the seiyuu group Try Sail, made up of Asakura Momo (麻倉もも), Amamiya Sora (雨宮天), Natsukawa Shiina (夏川椎菜).

The DVD contains a non-credit version of the ending animation to Eromanga-sensei.

The lyrics booklet has one full page photo of each of the TrySail members.

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