Now Singing

Now Singing (fourfolium)

released 2017.02.08
2500 yen+tax

This CD contains character songs for the TV anime New Game, and PS4/PS Vita game New Game The Challenge Stage.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. ググッとワーク☆彡 (fourfolium)
  2. 向上上々ハイジャンプ↑↑↑↑ (fourfolium)
  3. Continue...? (Takada Yuuki)
  4. ワタシ Connect* (Yamaguchi Megmi)
  5. It's OK!! (Toda Megumi)
  6. あめのちほしぞら (Takeo Ayumi)
Songs by the seiyuu group fourfolium, and the individual seiyuu, Takada Yuuki (高田憂希), Yamaguchi Megmi, Toda Megumi, Takeo Ayumi.

"Gugutto Work Mi" is the opening song to the PS4 game. "Koujou Joujou High Jump" is the ending song to the PS4 game. "Continue" is an insert song for the TV anime.

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