Time Lapse

Time Lapse (Poppin' Party)

released 2017.09.20
1300 yen+tax

This CD contains insert songs for the OVA BanG Dream.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Time Lapse
  2. 八月の if
  3. 夏のドーン!
  4. Time Lapse -Instrumental-
  5. 八月の if -Instrumental-
  6. 夏のドーン! -Instrumental-
Songs and drama by the seiyuu group Poppin' Party.

The members and cast of Poppin' Party is as follows.

Toyama KasumiTerakawa Aimi
Hanazono TaeOhtsuka Sae
Ushigome RimiNishimoto Rimi
Yamabuki SaayaOhhashi Ayaka
Ichigaya ArisaItou Ayasa

This is the 7th single by Poppin Party.

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