Ǯ (ɹ嶳)

released 1996.11.21
3000 yen

This CD is the first solo album by Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳).

I was in the mood to buy something today, so I picked up Hikami Kyoko's new (and first) full CD effort, Binetsu ("slight fever"). This CD isn't supposed to be released for another two days, but release dates don't seem to mean much to the people at Animate.

The front cover is the famous Kyoko piano picture. What, it isn't famous? Well, it should be. Kyoko is laying her head on her hands on the keys of a piano, her hair falling down all around her. Unless you look very, very closely, she looks like she is naked here. This may have played a small part in my getting this CD. (^_^;)

For buying this CD I received a poster of said virtual naked Kyoko, and some kind of ticket for getting a Kyoko "Tegami" present (I'd say letter, but this is in quotes). They are only giving it out to 100 people, but it looks like you have to get it at the Kichijoji Animate. Lots of pictures in the booklet. Hair up, hair down, smiling, pouting, and just plain aloof. The CD is also a picture CD of same said virtual naked Kyoko (I get the feeling that they are intentionally pushing this)

Here are the songs, my first reaction and initial ranking (1-10, 10 is best):

  1. It's You...
    Piano, violin. Mellow song (7)
  2. be with
    Kind of catchy slow bouncy rhythm (8)
  3. I'm sorry
    Upbeat, very typical seiyuu song (5)
  4. Naxi Ya Texin (ʥƥ) [ŷ]
    WHAT THE HECK!?! THIS IS ALL IN CANTONESE CHINESE!!! Still good...over 6 min.(8)
  5. Natsu to Watashi no Tanhen
    Another upbeat, 50's style song (4)
  6. Glass no Regacy
    Decent fast song (6)
  7. Little Kiss in the Night
    Good slow love song (7)
  8. Subete no Utsukushii Ume
    Cute medium fast song (6)
  9. Nami sono 2
    Hayashibaraesque mid speed song, with more originality (9)
  10. 12 Gatsu no Aurora
    Epic style slow song. Great finish! (9)

The three tracks I will probably listen to most are 4, 9, and 10. Somebody else will have to buy this to tell you how Kyoko's Cantonese Chinese is, cause I don't have a clue! (the song is written by someone named Celia Dunkelman, if that rings a bell)

[information and comments provided by Joe Petrow]

HD's comments

There are many good photos of Kyoko inside the lyrics booket. I prefer these over the "cover" photo.