Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 3

Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 3
Minna Dietlinde Wilcke & Erica Hartmann & Gertrud Barkhorn

released 2009.04.01
2500 yen

This CD contains vocals and some talk for the characters of the TV anime Strike Witches.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Himeuta Talk 1
  2. 2 hundred over (Nogawa Sakura)
  3. Himeuta Talk 2
  4. Toki (Tanaka Rie)
  5. Himeuta Talk 3
  6. Film -Tsuduki no Heroine- (Sonozaki Mie)
  7. Himeuta Talk 4
  8. Danke Schoen Witches (Nogawa Sakura, Sonozaki Mie, Tanaka Rie)
  9. Himeuta Talk 5
  10. Shouri se yo! Witches (Tanaka Rie, Nogawa Sakura, Sonozaki Mie)
  11. Himeuta Talk 6
  12. Bookmark Ahead (Sonozaki Mie)
  13. Bookmark Ahead (Nogawa Sakura)
  14. Bookmark Ahead (Tanaka Rie)
Talk and songs by Tanaka Rie (田中理恵) (Minna Dietlinde Wilcke), Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら) (Erica Hartmann), and Sonozaki Mie (Gertrud Barkhorn).
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