Ruri Iro Aquarium -Manbou Housoukyoku 2-


Media Remoras MRCA-20082
2800 yen
released 1996.01.19

This CD is a talk CD by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), done in a format of a radio show.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Opening Poem (オープニングポエム)
  2. Oneechan ni Kike! (お姉ちゃんに聞け〜!)
  3. Fantastic Poem 1 (ファンタスティックポエム1)
  4. Theater Aquarium "Yume no Chikai" part 1
  5. Konna Seihin ha Iyada! & Ureshii!
  6. Fantastic Poem 2 (ファンタスティックポエム2)
  7. Theater Aquarium "Yume no Chikai" part 2
  8. Ending Talk (エンディングトーク)
  9. Chao (ちゃおっ)
The front cover has Kikuko lying down, wearing a blue shirt with the top button unbuttoned, and upside down.

This CD is set up like a radio show, with various different corners and drama and such. Unfortunately no commercials and such this time.

Yume no Chikai

There is one long drama "Yume no Chikai" (The Vow in the Dream), which is broken up into two parts, and the roles are listed below.

KikukoInoue Kikuko
YokoHikami Kyoko
HiroshiMatono Mitsuaki
MikiOhtani Ikue

Kikuko was the main character, a high school girl. Yoko was her younger sister, and Hiroshi was her childhood friend. Miki was Kikuko and Hiroshi's friend who had died recently.

Miki appeared in both Kikuko and Hiroshi's dreams. Since Miki had given them information about the real world (that she shouldn't have know), Kikuko and Hiroshi tried to synchronize and go into their own dreams to talk to Miki.

Later, after Kikuko was disappointed in finding out that the senpai that she had a crush on had a girl friend, she got into an accident. She wasn't badly injured physically, but mentally she started to wander into the world where Miki was. Miki tried to drive her back into the world of the living, but Kikuko didn't want to go back.