White Album CDs

The following are some of the CDs that have been released for the TV anime White Album and White Album II.

date CD
2009.01.21 Shin Ai (Mizuki Nana)
2009.04.01 Character Song 1 Morikawa Yuki (Hirano Aya)
2009.04.08 Character Song 2 Ogata Rina (Mizuki Nana)
2009.10.28 Mugen (Mizuki Nana)
2010.01.01 Koiiro Sora (Hirano Aya)
2010.01.01 Powder Snow (Mizuki Nana)
2010.01.27 Sound Stage 01
2010.02.24 Sound Stage 02
2010.03.24 Character Song Best & Sound Track

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