Overdrive! (Milky Holmes)

released 2014.11.26
2000 yen+tax

This CD+bluray package contains the theme song to the smartphone game Toys Drive, and the opening song to the TV show Miru Miru Milky.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Overdrive (オーバードライブ) [Milky Holmes]
  2. Miru Miru Up (ミルミル Up) [Milky Holmes]
  3. Happy Zekkouchou (Happy 絶好調) [Feathers]
  4. Overdrive (off vocal)
  5. Miru Miru Up (off vocal)
  6. Happy Zekkouchou (off vocal)
Songs by Milky Holmes and Feathers, Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ), Kitta Izumi (橘田いずみ), Tokui Sora (徳井青空), Sasaki Mikoi (佐々木未来), Terakawa Aimi (寺川愛美), Itou Ayasa (伊藤彩沙).

The bluray disc contains around 4 minutes of video. There is a video of "Overdrive" from the Milky Holmes live "Milky Holmes First Live (Nikaime) -Welcome to Second Stage-". The BD disc is a picture disc.

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