Dreamin' You

Dreamin' You (Yamamoto Maria)

released 2002.03.22
3058 yen

This is a solo CD by Yamamoto Maria (山本麻里安).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Part of Your World
  2. Sweet Pain
  3. Zettai Muteki Love (絶対無敵 LOVE)
  4. Suteki na Sunny Day (素敵な SUNNY DAY)
  5. Daisuki na Tomodachi (大好きなともだち)
  6. Kolla Pa!
  7. Snow Flower
  8. Tooth Fairy
  9. Zutto Tsuzuiteru... (ずっと続いてく)
  10. Yume Miru Rondo (夢見る輪舞)
  11. Lalalu (ララルー)
This CD is also a hybrid CD that has a promo clip, wallpaper, and voice data if you access it on your computer.

The CD itself is a picture CD with a cute picture of Maria. The lyrics booklet also has many color photos of Maria.

[information provided by Emily. K]