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    Ai (Excel Girls)
    Menchi Aishuu no Bolero

    Victor VIDL-30460
    released 1999.11.03
    1020 yen (5% tax included)

    This CDsingle contains the OP and ED to the TV series Excel Saga.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 愛 (忠誠心)
    2. メンチ・哀愁のボレロ〜食すのね
    3. Ai (Chuuseishin) [original karaoke]
    4. Menchi Aishuu no Bolero -Kuwasunone [Menchi no karaoke]

    The song on track 2 is just a dog barking. (^_^;) There is some narration over it though.. Menchi is the name of a dog in Excel Saga.

    Track 4 is a karaoke of this song, and it contains the narration. So one is supposed to bark for four minutes to this "karaoke". (^_^;;)

    Excel Girls is a group made up of Takahashi Mikako (高橋美佳子) and Kobayashi Yumiko (小林由美子)

    The front jacket has an illustration of the anime characters. The back jacket has a picture of Mikako and Yumiko cosplaying as Hyatt and Excel.

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