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  • Way to Love

    Way to Love (Toyoshima Machiko)

    King Records KICA-1236
    1300 yen
    released 2000.07.26

    This is a solo single by Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Way to Love
    2. Surrender to your Heart
    3. Tsuki no Shinwa (Planet Rider image track)
    4. Way to Love (Vocalless ver.)
    5. Surrender to your Heart (Vocalless ver.)
    [information provided by Joe Petrow]

    Track 1 was written by Machiko, and is a 3/4 speed genki song (the kind that I think she does best). Track 2 is also a somewhat laid-back style of genki that seems a bit more polished, but doesn't quite capture her originality as well. Track 3 is a slow song that feels a lot like Haruka na Kaze did, and showcases her ability to hit the high notes quite well.

    The cover features a head and shoulders shot of Machiko contemplatively glancing over her shoulder. The back cover shows Machiko in a white dress, bending over with her hands behind her back to show off her lack of cleavage (^_^;) The inside cover is a long shot of Machiko walking in a park.

    Her singing seems much more polished than her earlier songs, and her voice seems to be gaining a Tange Sakura like quality to it. The more mature tone of her songs and the lack of a single picture of Machiko smiling is a departure from her original boke, cheerful side, but she does a decent job of pulling it off.

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