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  • Macross Generation episode 3

    Aired: 1997.02.22

    The final audition for the "Lin Minmei Monogatari" was taking place. The finalists were going to dance and sing in front of the judges. One of the special guest judges was Canary Minmei. Each girl had 10 minutes each, but the judges can tell the girls to quit at any time.

    The first girl was Seagull, who was a very good dancer. Lyza and Passel were also finalists, and they were watching Seagull. They thought that Seagull was very good, but the judges stopped Seagull. Passel lost her confidence, saying that she wasn't as good as Seagull.

    Meanwhile Volf and Gana were walking, and some guys were tailing them. Volf and Gana ran and the followers fired at them.

    It was contestant number 35 Passel's turn. She was so nervous that she had to have Lyza tell her that it was her turn.

    Passel sang a song that she had written herself, and danced. She was nervous, but she tried her best. Passel was able to sing until the end, but both Lyza and she noticed that she wasn't able to perform her best.

    Passel was very disappointed and ran off to cry.

    When Passel was washing her face, Canary came. Canary said that Passel did very well and told her not to give up. (Passel had said that she was no good.)

    Passel was very happy for having Canary cheering her on.

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