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  • Macross Generation episode 7

    Aired: 1997.03.22

    [this episode was over 12 minutes long]

    Lyza was with Lafare. She told him about Passel fighting with the director. Lyza was worried, but Lafare agreed with Passel. Lyza got upset at Lafare and said that she would go apologize to Dusty in place of Passel.

    Meanwhile Passel was practicing her dances by herself.

    Dusty was showing Mr. Sam the participants of the musical. Sam was looking for an image character for International Electric Company. They wanted Canary Minmei, but Canary had refused. Since nobody could match Canary, Sam decided to try a new idea, of using the combination of the cosmo racer Lafare and a new musical star.

    Sam looked at the pictures and chose Passel. Dusty said that Passel was very stubborn, and wasn't a good choice, but Sam insisted upon Passel. He said that she had a special sparkle that others didn't have.

    Then Lyza came to the room. She had overheard the talk about Passel being chosen to pair up with Lafare.

    Volf and Gana were spying on Sam. They knew that he must be plotting something by joining International Electric Company. Volf told Gana to keep an eye on Sam.

    At the rehearsal, Dusty asked Lyza what she wanted to discuss with him. Lyza was going to talk about Passel, but Lyza changed her mind and asked Dusty to watch her dance and sing "Zero G Love". Lyza loved this song, as this was the song that reminded her of Lafare and her love for him. When Lyza finished her dance, Dusty said that she did well.

    Passel got a call from Dusty. Dusty told her about being chosen as the campaign girl for International Electric Company. He told her that she can start coming to the rehearsals from the next day. Passel was puzzled..

    Lafare went to Passel, and asked if she had heard about the campaign. Passel said that she had just heard about it. After Lafare went off, Passel felt something warm in her heart. She wondered if this was love.

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