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  • Macross Generation episode 9

    Aired: 1997.04.05

    Sam asked Dusty to bring Passel over to his resort home. He wanted to be alone with Passel. Sam also gave Dusty a large pile of money.

    But Lyza had overheard this deal..

    Meanwhile Lafare was with Passel, staring at the sky. Lyza saw them, and she noticed the way that Lafare was looking at Passel. She thought that Lafare never looked at her that way.

    Passel felt that there was someone watching them.

    Dusty told Passel that Sam wanted to invite her for dinner. He told her that Lafare would also come. (He lied.) Then Passel got into Dusty's car and went off.

    Lafare was with Lyza. Lyza told Lafare not to get too close to Passel. Lafare said that he was just acting his part as an image character. Then Lyza told Lafare about Passel going to Sam's place. Lafare got upset because Lyza hadn't told Passel about it. Lyza said that Passel would be taken out of the musical if she didn't go.

    Lafare got mad and took off.

    Lyza said to herself that she knew this would happen. She said that everything she wanted always got taken away from her.

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