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  • Sotsugyou III episode 6

    The girls caught Yukari fixing the teacher's necktie.

    Then the principal came by. Everyone tried to cover up the relationship between Yukari and the teacher, but Nozomi spilled it. Then the principal asked for the story.

    After listening to the story, the principal asked Yukari to take the same pose (fixing the teacher's necktie). Then he "talked" Yukari into throwing the teacher over her shoulder from that pose.

    Nozomi and Kazue thought that Yukari was really trying to throw the teacher, but Misaki and Kyoko was still suspicious.

    Yukari took the teacher to the infirmary, and the teacher scolded her. But she hugged the teacher from behind. Just then, the other girls came into the infirmary. Yukari quickly changed the hug into a wrestling lock..

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