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  • Anime Japan Fest 2005 - AniSong Idol Heart Natsu Matsuri

    Anime Japan Fest 2005 - AniSong Idol Heart Natsu Matsuri
    Zepp Tokyo
    5000 yen
    Ishida Yoko
    Enomoto Atsuko
    Gojo Mayumi
    Momoi Haruko
    Kayou Aiko
    Tokunaga Ai
    Miyazaki Ui
    Special Guest
    Inoue Kikuko
    • Event report by CuSO4, 2005.08.13

    The event took place at a hall without seats. Plenty of people inside but everyone has plenty of space. The show is not sold out. Most of the crowd are men in their 30's and up. I only saw 2 female.

    The event started at 17:00 sharp with Ishida Yoko sang Ah! Megami-sama TV OP. After that, Inoue Kikuko appeared and sang Ah! Megami-sama's OVA OP with Yoko.

    The audience finally warmed up with this song. The atmosphere inside the hall is very good. Most are veteran audience, knowing when to clap hands, swing their light sticks, and jumping during the song.

    They tried to do the introduction of the event by saying the event name together, but Kikuko made mistakes twice, forcing them to have a private discussion before doing the introduction again. (^_^)

    Tokunagi Ai, Kayou Aiko, and Miyazaki Ui then sang several individual songs.

    Momoi Haruko came out and said she is not Momoi but DJ Momoi, who coach the unit Perfume, make up of 3 16-years old high schooler (Kashino Yuka, Nishiwaki Ayaka, Ohmoto Ayano). They sang the song they debuted in Akihabara on 7/25's street live.

    Sae sang three songs, including the live action Sailor Moon OP. Gojo Mayumi came in and talked a bit with Sae. After that, Sae asked the audience which show they like best : Sailor Moon or Precute. (^_^) Mayumi then sang Precute OP and 2 other songs.

    Enomoto Atsuko sang the Steel Angel Kurumi OP. She was very surprise that most of the people could sang the chorus with her.

    When I saw her, I thought of maybe she will sang her new role's song, the main theme of Gedou Otome Tai.

    The recent TV anime Rafuge is consists of 2 separate and linked anime : Love Pheromone and Gedou Otome Tai. The title song of Rafuge is sung by 2 teams together, one from each anime. I like this song as it was sort of a song duel of 2 separate OP songs but arranged to similar tunes.

    However, since no one from the other team is in this show, I thought Atsuko could not sang thie one. Just then, Momoi Haruko stepped in and join Atsuko and sang this song !! I suddenly remembered that the song is produced by Momoi Haruko and Kageyama Hironobu ! Momoi sang the Love Pheromone part and Atsuko the Gedou Otome part.

    After that Momoi sang a few solo songs. She knew how to interact with the crowd and the atmosphere boiled over the top. The whole hall was virbrating !! (^_^)

    Kikuko came out again and sang an Ah! Megami-sama character song, and the ED of Okusan ha Mahoushoujo. She also played with her 17- years old "fact" and teached the crowd to do the proper OiOi.

    Ishida Yuko came out again and sang a song. It was familiar but I forgot what anime it is.... She then told the crowd she will be going to USA for a while, and sang the last song of the show proper, OP of Aiyori Aoshi - Enishi.

    For en-co-re, Kikuko appeared with a list and introduce all the singers one by one and they came out and said their last words. Kikuko then introduced the band members, but she could not pronounciate the name of the drumer. (^_^;)

    All singers then sang Ishida Yuko's debut song, Otome no Policy, one of the ED of anime Sailor Moon.

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