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  • Card Captor Sakura Festival 2000

    Event Card Captor Sakura Festival 2000
    Date 2000.04.03
    Time 13:00 - 14:30
    16:30 - 18:00
    GuestsTange Sakura
    Hisakawa Aya
    Ogata Megumi
    Seki Tomokazu
    Kumai Motoko
    Cost 1575 yen
    • Event report by CuSO4 Yung, 2000.04.05

    Card Captor Sakura Festival 2000 was held in 2 sessions on 4/3. 1 session started at 13:00 and the other at 16:30. Since there is rumor that Tange Sakura will work less in the near future, lots of her fans go to this event which is targeted at young girls, making tickets sold out well beforehand. BTW, the ticket is 1575 yen.

    I managed to get a ticket of the second session. Tons of goods on sale there. From my observation, around 50-60% are kid girls with their parents. Another dozens of cosplayers (those young girls got crazy when seeing those cosplayers ^_^ ), and the rest are older male fans.

    At the door, as with last year's festival, they give out a big Clamp illustrated bags to every ticket holder. Inside the bag are the free goodies : Special Sakura Festival Not-for-sale trading card, 4 character badges (Sakura/Shaoran/Tomoyo/Eriole), Stationaries, and a Sakura Curry Pack!

    I seated at the right side of the second seated row of the second floor. Pretty good view. Later the seiyuu talks took place in the right side of the stage, so I was lucky.

    M.C. are Kumai Motoko (Shaoran) and Seki Tomokazu (Touya). They dress causally : T-shirt, jeans, etc.

    A short skit of nuigurumi Sakura/Shaoran/Kero/Touya/Yukito. The story is about Sakura walking in the street and bumped into Shaoran. He tried to tell her something but Kero-chan appeared from the sky, speaking Kansai-ben. Touya/Yukito walked by and Touya said he heard someone speaking Kansai-ben. Sakura pretended it is her who speak Kansai-ben but Touya said it was a male's voice. Sakura then said it was Shaoran-kun's speech. Shaoran had no choice but to try to speak in Kansai-ben. Touya said it was still not right but he had to hurry to the next part time job, and walked away with Yukito. Sakura then walked away arguing with Kero-chan, leaving Shaoran behind sighing to himself.

    Then the Seiyuu Talks. MC introduce Tange Sakura, Hisakawa Aya, and Ogata Megumi. Sakura was wearing a shirt with a thin white jacket, long red skirt and red sandals. Aya was wearing a shirt with thin white jacket, a knee length purple skirt, and white sandals. Anyone really care for what Ogata Megumi wear? ^_^; Anyway, she wear a shirt, jacket, neck tie, and long black trousers.

    They talked about what they think about CCS in general. Seki suddenly asked Ogata Megumi a question, and after a pause, Megumi said she had not expected such a question and need sometime to think about. Sakura then said in Sakura-chan's voice that Touya onii-chan is embarrassing Yukito-san, and Seki (Touya) said it is none of Sakura-chan's business and called her a Kaijuu (monster). Sakura-chan said she was not a Kaijuu! Very funny!

    They then have a quiz sessions. They showed 4 clips of OP+TV in 4 foreign countries in foreign language dubbing. and asked what were the 4 countries. The correct answers are Korea, Indonesia, Spain and China. They said China, but I think it is from Taiwan. The seiyuu talked about the dubbings for a while.

    Then they showed a video clip of foreign CC Sakura goods and talked about them for a while.

    They then showed the OP of the upcoming DC CC Sakura game. It is the same as OP1 of the TV series but in polygons ! A Promo clips were also showed. Players play the part of Tomoyo-chan and need to film Sakura-chan's action in capturing cards. Players can exchange data with other players through the Internet. If you clear a stage, you can then choose other costumes for Sakura-chan's next mission. The game will be released in Fall 2000, 5800 yen.

    The title of the upcoming second CCS movie will be Card Captor Sakura - Fuuinsareta Card. The movie will be showed in summer and using the usual cast with Meiling and Eriole. Maeuri-ken will be on sale at 1600 yen with a poster. Also will be shown with the movie is a short film called Kero-chan ni Omakase! similar to the same name corner in TV1.

    Each seiyuu said what they feel about the new movie, then a promo clip of the movie is shown.

    The whole first part is about 45 min. They then take a break (15 min)

    2nd part (around 30 min) started by showing of OP1 and clips of TV Clow Card Hen, then OP3 and clips of TV Sakura Card Hen.

    ED3 Fruits Candy was then sung by Kojima Megumi in person. Nuigurumi Shaoran and Sakura-chan were the back dancer. MC then talked with Kojima Megumi about the song. Kojima said she liked Tomoyo-chan because she is so kawaii. Seki then said in Tomoyo-chan-style voice "Sakura-chan wa kawaii desuneeeeee". ^_^;

    Present corner, several present are drawn by the 3 seiyuu, Kojima, and the 2 MC to the audience.

    Last words corner : Ogata Megumi, Aya, Kojima Megumi, Motoko, Seki all take turn. After Seki saying his own last words, he then close up the show as the MC, completely forgeting Tange Sakura !!!! ^_^;;

    After Motoko pointed out, he was so embarrassed and then he kneel down and bow to the audience Japanese style to apologize and then asked Sakura for her last words.

    The show ended at around 18:00.

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