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  • Girls Be Geruge Flea Market

    Girls Be Geruge Flea Market
    Shinjuku Alta 7F
    14:30 - 14:55
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Kuwashima Houko (ˡ)
    • Report version 1.0 by Joe Petrow, 1997.03.31

    The seiyuu group Girls Be appeared as an attraction at the Shinjuku Alta. There were three events (Girls Be, a J-Pop group, and some other group I didn't know) held in the same place at different times. At 8:30 they began passing out tickets to the events. Each person could receive one ticket to only one of the three events. But all of the events were televised on the giant four-story television set on the outside of the Alta.

    The event itself was held in the 7th floor television studio. Inside was a stage, and several booths selling various items related to the events being held. If you bought a Girls Be CD at one of the booths, you would receive a signboard signed by the two seiyuu. Roughly 200 people were allowed inside for this event, which pretty well filled up the studio.

    At 14:30 the emcees appeared on the stage, and soon they introduced Girls Be. Houko and Machiko were wearing the exact same clothes and hairstyles as they were at their debut event in Ikebukuro. The emcee noticed a foreigner in the crowd, and Machiko acknowledged him and the Pallapalla UFO catcher doll he had brought with him. After a few brief comments, they sang Girls Be.

    After the song, they formally introduced themselves, posing and saying, "Girls Be" in cute unison. Then they sang the rest of their set. The first song was Machiko's solo Kimi to Kiss Shitai, followed by Houko's Hidoi Boku Dakedo, and finishing with their cover of the old Matsuda Seiko song Seifuku.

    After the final song, there was about five minutes of talk. The emcee once again noticed the foreigner, and said to him (in English) "Nice one! Hi, where are you from?" The foreigner said he was from America, and the emcee said that Girls Be's popularity must extend all the way to America.

    They spoke briefly about their first event in Ikebukuro. Houko said that the highest estimates were that 1700 to 1800 people attended that event. Machiko said she was surprised to see the fans so close to the stage at this event (they were set much further back on the stage for the Ikebukuro event)

    The girls gave their thanks to the crowd in the voice of an anime character they have done. Houko's was a rather deep voice, telling everyone "thank you for coming". Machiko spoke as Pallapalla from Sailor Moon Supers, and said, "Hi everybody! Thank you very much for coming to this event. Pallapalla is so happy!"

    Then they made some announcements. On April 23rd, the Girls Be album will be released as an MD. There will be a new poster included with this MD. They will also be releasing a new single on June 21st. Then they thanked the crowd again and left the stage.

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