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  • Hekiru in Nack5

    Shiina Hekiru in Nack5
    Ohmiya Arche
    15:30 - 15:45
    Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
    • event report by Ivevei Upatkoon, 1998.01.11
    Hekiru had a live radio event for Nack5 (the station that her radio shows "Shine in Naked" and "Holy Shine in Naked" used to be on). Since over 300 people came, it was held outside instead of in the normal studio. I took the first train to Ohmiya, arriving at 6:30 and I was number 40 in line. I did not realize that they were giving out numbered tickets or I would have lined up overnight. Or maybe not. It was really cold!! 1 degree during the day, not including wind chill. >_<

    We got the tickets at 8am and went to McD's for breakfast and to kill time. After that we went to Sonic City, then broke up into small groups for lunch. Picked up the Newtype. Nice picture of shortcut Heki.

    After that, we just waited around for the event to begin at 3:30. We we got lined up, I was in the fourth row and was almost completely blocked, but luckily Heki sat on the left side, and I could peer through a really small window between the heads and shoulders of the people in front, so I managed to see her hair and face throughout a decent part of the event. Kinda.

    The event lasted about 15 minutes. The host first brought up the topic of her hair, then he talked about famous singers and seiyuu getting married lately, and asked if "dekichatta kekkon" (getting married because of unplanned pregnancy) would ever happen to Hekiru. She said, of course not, but added that she was envious of people who could freely admit to something like that. Then they played Konoyo. After that, she announced her live, and the host played up the crowd. Then they played Ganbare and Hekiru left when the song started. Many people in the crowd had been shouting and yelling throughout the event, and they started clapping and doing calls doing Ganbare. Then the song ended and another staff thanked everyone for their support.

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