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  • Starting Legend 1999 -Change- (1999.09.15)

    Starting Legend 1999 -Change-
    Ohmiya Sonic City
    18:17 - 20:25
    Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
    • Event report by Ivevei Upatkoon, 1999.09.16

    Song List

    • OP This Moment piano version
    • M1 This Moment
    • M2 Sore tte ii ne
    • M3 Todoketai Omoi
    • M4 Kaze ga fuku oka
    • M5 Distance
    • M6 Wakaranai otoko
    • M7 Everlasting Train ~Owarinaki tabinibito~
    • M8 Itsu made de mo
    • M9 Unreleased Song 1 - My Starship yume no hikousen
    • M10 Unreleased Song 2 - Taisetsu na page
    • M11 Dare no sei de mo nai
    • M12 Hey Hey
    • M13 Anata no name
    • M14 invisible
    • M16 Dakishimete
    • M17 -Akai hana- You're gonna change to the flower
    • EN1 Unreleased Song 3 - Right Beside You
    • EN2 Ganbare
    • EN3 Me wo samase otoko nara
    • EN4 Graduater


    Silver suite and pants, with black blouse underneath
    Black sleeveless blouse with translucent white long-sleeve shirt, white patterns on shoulders and upper arms Black skirt
    Red short-sleeved blouse, green inner skirt covered by long flowing red and orange skirt divided into 2 up the center Red and white band on left wrist
    Removed outer skirt to reveal green inner skirt
    Grey tour shirt with black pants Tour wristband on right wrist


    Pale blue eyeshadow with a barely noticeable amount of sparkling dust high on the cheeks. Hekiru's hair was quite long, brushing her shoulders. I wonder if she will grow her hair again...


    I was in the 30th row, so some of the details might be incorrect!


    I didn't want to think about how the concert would be, because the title was CHANGE and there are a lot of ramifications of that considering the situation lately. A lot of people felt very betrayed by Face to Face because, in the end, it was a big compromise of Hekiru's new style of rock, and her old idol songs which she tried (unsuccessfully) to depart from. Those who were expecting Hekiru to make the big change over to artist had their hopes crushed by a play list which had all of the Face to Face album, but nothing from the previous Baby blue eyes, which signified the start of the new rock style.

    So I didn't think about it at all, and went in with an open mind. I hoped, of course, that Hekiru would show us what we wanted to see. And yes, in a very big sense, she did. Much better than I had dared to imagine, for she sang all the songs I wanted to hear - Todoketai omoi, Hey Hey, Wakaranai otoko, Dare no sei de mo nai. Nearly all the songs, saved the encore, are from Bbe and FtF. I lost it at Distance (it had a great opening, almost rap/hiphop style), and Wakaranai otoko was an amazing experience (even though the gyungyun guitar didn't come in at the last chorus, but that's a nitpick). I don't mind the Pipeline Project songs Everlasting Train and Akai hana at all, so they did not dampen my spirits. One thing I wish wasn't in there is Itsu made mo. The song isn't too bad, but it reeks of the old j-pop days...

    One thing that annoyed me, to my great surprise, was the audience. I don't mind them jumping around and clapping, because I did that too before and it's fun (head-banging is better though). But the HE~KIRU! has to stop... They managed to drown out Hekiru and that's quite a feat considering Omiya always has LOUD speakers. Was also unhappy that I couldn't catch as much of the new songs as I would have liked due to everyone around clapping in beat.

    The new songs were all good. The first one reminded me of something else... I liked the opening to Taisetsu na Page and I could hear most of the lyrics because the sound level was slightly lower. The last song I liked a lot too. Fast beat, minor key. Hekiru said that she liked it quite a lot, too, of all the songs she had done to date.

    After that though, the encore took a turn for the worse. Hekiru sang Ganbare, which for some reason I simply hate, and my enthusiasm died very quickly. I cheered up a little at Graduater, but I didn't like the way the last part got changed. Still I understand full well the need to give the fans a big rousing end. The whole hall was reverberating with their shouts, and the floor shook when they landed from the jumps. It was an interesting, if not altogether pleasant, experience. I'll be right there screaming and jumping with the rest tomorrow. I figured it wouldn't do to show up at work today with no voice and limping, or not show up at all. ^^;;

    One last thing... ah, I wish that the lighting effects for Anata no namae were like those of last time... The part right before the end of the refrain, the lights all gathered on Hekiru, but did not split out into the audience like before. That was the part that I really loved in this song. But I was glad enough that she sang it.

    Oh, and what the heck is it with that third outfit?!?! I know you say you can sing rock in a dress, but that's taking it pretty far!! I was getting totally hyped at the opening for invisible, and went completely still in disbelief for about 20 secs when I saw that thing. Hekiru was playing with the other skirts like it was a samba dance... Well, if anything, it certainly made the biggest impression on me last night. ^^;;;;;;;

    Not exactly CHANGE, but good live nonetheless. I hesitate to reflect more on the state of things at this point.

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