Inoue Kikuko 17th Anniversary Event Happy Seventeen

Inoue Kikuko 17th Anniversary Event Happy Seventeen
Nippon Seinenkan
6800 yen
Yamamoto Maria
Washizaki Takeshi
Hisakawa Aya
  • Summary by cuso4, 2005.06.26

The event opened with Kikuko sang 3 songs, then lots of talk. Seiyuu 17 anniversary, 17 years old, and Heisei 17.

She then introduced Yamamoto Maria, her "younger sister". They talked and sang 1 of their old song.

Washizaki Takeshi then came out. He co-host a radio show called "Inoue Shop" with Kikuko. In the radio show he is Kikuko`s "father". They talked a bit and then Kikuko sang 2 new character songs : 1 from AMG and 1 from the upcoming TV anime "Okusama ha Mahou Shoujo" where she voice the lead female role called Ureshiko.

Intermission break.

After the break, a small play was performed with Kikuko voice over all characters (pre-recorded), and the last part of the play was shown in a video screen. The story was about a 17 years old school girl whose sensei just went out and tried to stop a global danger - alien attack. Kikuko sang an American song when performing cheerleading practice with classmates.

The sensei is of course Mizuho sensei (cosplayed by Kikuko). She was captured by the alien. Carmela Police (cosplayed by Kikuko) tried to intervent but lost the jangenbou duel with the alien. She was also captured. The school girl exclaimed that where were all those heroes gone when their saviour appeared : Mahou Shoujo Agnes Bell (cosplayed by Kikuko, from "Okusama ha Mahou Shoujo")!

After the play, Kikuko went to change clothes. When she came out, she sang one song and then Pre-cure White appeared !!!! She said she is not Pre-cure White but was someone similar. That was really Yukana dresses in clothing 50% similar to Pre-cure White`s uniform. I think they tried to prevent any copyright issues here.

Kikuko then remove her outer colthing and revealed that she was Pre-cure Red (not Black). They then sang Pre-Cure`s OP. (^_^)

Yukana then went back stage saying that she was in a hurry. Kikuko then sang Seventeen in her Pre-cure Red uniform. After the song she went backstage to change clothing again.

After Kikuko came out and sang a song, Hisakawa Aya then came out giving Kikuko a bouquet of flowers. They talked about their past a bit. Kikuko then invited all the guests to come out and talked a bit more.

She said she liked Pre-cure a lot. Since last event she cosplayed as Sailor Moon (Aya could not hide her giggling (^_^) she talked Yukana into cosplaying Pre-cure with her and sang the OP.

Kikuko asked Yukana if that was her first cosplay, Yukana reminded her that the characters were not "really" Pre-cure and that she was still embarrssed. Kikuko tried to persuade her to cosplay again, but Yukana said she had enough of cosplay for 1 year, so maybe next year. Kikuko said she will not forget the promise !

Kikuko then introduced Maria to Aya. Maria was a BIG Sailor Moon fans when she was small. And Aya is of course Sailor Mercury.

After all the guests went backstage, Kikuko sang 1 more song to end the event (not concert, as she had her "last concert" last time).

Encore came in 3 parts. First part was Kikuko making up songs and lyrics immedaitely after the audience gave her some names of food.

The second part was the usual encore stuff : Hou-chan talk. Hou-chan, Kikuko`s daughter, went to primary 2 this year.

The third part was the last song for her "last stage".

When people went out of the concert hall, each was given a CD-ROM containing promotional stuff about "Okusama ha Mahou Shoujo".

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