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  • Machirin/Houko in Toei Uzumasa Eigamura

    Ninki Seiyuu Festival in Kyoto
    Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, Kyoto
    12:00 - 12:35
    14:00 - 14:45
    Kuwashima Houko (桑島法子)
    Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子)
    • Report by Gameouji, 1999.04.06

    12:00 Talk, Fan Letter Reading, Drama, Game with Audiences
    (about 35 mins)
    14:00 Talk, Fan Letter Reading, Game with Audiences
    (about 45 mins)

    As usual, no picture nor recordings allowed, but seems like everyone had ignored the rule, especially for those in the back, lots of photo flash went on during the show.


    Arrived at the door at 9:00 (was late because I was carrying my suitcase with me too as there were no locker at JR Uzumasa station -looks like an idiot) , already 162 people were there.

    The Staff did a good job organizing by having people sign up outside the door as the order of arrival before Eigamura opens at 9:30. I was the 163th person there. In the line were both Houko fans and Machirin fans (49%:49%) -you can tell by the stuff they hang on their backpacks. (The other 2% were old ladies (Obatarian) who had no idea what's going on and just line up because there is a long line -_-;;)

    Once inside, the line for Seiyuu Event was being lead to Nakamuraza Hall and were given the numbered ticket for order of entrance to the Hall and were told to get there no later than 11:20. They gave out around 500 tickets while less than 300 seats inside, the rest had to stand along the side.

    With 1.5 hour free time, I dropped off my suitcase in a locker, toured around the Eigamura and had breakfast.

    While walking around, I walked by a wood cutting shop that does custom made wood plates. You can order custom made plates with any words that you want to be on it. I decided to make a plate with "Love Love Machirin" (Love Love マチリン)^_^;; This costs 1000 yen but would be proven to be well worth. (See later paragraph). Other 2 Otakus were also doing the same thing, one for Machirin and one for Houko.

    12:00 Show

    My seat was in the 5?6th row, next to middle isle. was pretty good view to the stage. Machirin worn a Yellow Kimono and Houko worn a Green one on the stage.

    Event started with Machirin and Houko talking about their trip in Kyoto, both of them went to Arashi Yama yesterday for Hanami (Sakura viewing).

    The next coner was the letter reading coner that e-mails was being read. While most of letter being read the original person was there, some of them were absent, making kind of embarrassing situation for Machirin and Houko.

    The 3rd part was the live drama Tsuki hime(?)

    The last part was the "Batsu" Game. 2 Jokes told in turn by Machirin and Houko, 5 Audiances were being picked out from the crowd as judges. Votes could be placed on both Machirin and Houko if both of them were good. The loser had to drink up the cup of green sause on the table. With every audiance in the hall rasing their hand and what ever they have in hand, Machirin and Houko were picking out the judges in the crowd. So with the plate in my hand, I raised it up high and it was useful, I was chosen by Machirin to be one of the judges in the game (Machirin to Kaiteiru Nazo no plate motteiru no kare!?) - By Machirin

    My votes were:

    1. Joke of Kyoto Kyoku no Kokoro!?


    2. Joke by using the Kana on their name to make a sentence.


    End up Machirin won (by 3?4? votes), Houko had to drink up the Green Juice - Sorry Houko ^_^

    For the 5 judges soveniers were given. Inside was an Aoni Pro Telecard and a CD Single by Houko.

    Right after the show ends, everyone rushed out immediately to get the number ticket for 14:00 show.


    Got myself a ticket of 363 as there were already people who did not get in 1st show lined up outside. Also a ticket(474) for Stephen as he was on his way from Kyoto Station.

    Waited for Stephen out in the front door and did not get in till 13:55, the line was already being let in 15 mins ago, we had to stand in the back as we missed our number. Luckily I had my binoculars with me and that was a small hall, it was not that bad.

    14:00 Event

    Again started out with the talk of their trip in Kyoto, this time food was the topic. Houko mentioned Toufu of Arashi-yama was delicious and Machirin......needs to double check back on what she said.

    Next Fan letters were being read, this time all senders of the letters were there except for 1. They read more letters than the 12:00 performance.

    3rd section was the Batsu game. This time 3 jokes were told. Ended up with both had the same vote, both of them got the batsu of performing as another famous actor/actress.

    The performance ended at around 14:45.

    After the show I and Stephen went to Arashiyama for the Toufu and Hanami as Machirin and Houko did ^_^

    At night, we rushed to the Kyomizu Tera for the once a year night opening of the Hanami. It was spectacular and definately worth visiting. However, we only had 15mins as I had to catch this last Hikari Shinkansen back to Tokyo at 21:00. -worse than those rushing guided "ducky" pack tours (Thanks for helping me out, Stephen, and sorry for the rush m(__)m)


    1. Not every single JR station has large lockers, try to keep your luggage light to events if possible.
    2. If there will be an interactive part with the audience in the event, bring something strange and easy to spot if you want to participate.

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