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  • Sakura Taisen Super Talk Show (3/30)

    • Event report by Emily, 2002.04.02

    Several of the Sakura Taisen seiyuu appeared at the Glory to Dreamcast at the Sega Game Jam 2 on March 30 and March 31. At this site, you can watch the broadcast. Click on either Broadband or Modem under the Dreamcast icon.

    (The ST seiyuu panel starts halfway in the broadcast.)

    Sakura Taisen Super Talk Show
    "Glory to Dreamcast" / Sega Game Jam 2
    March 30-31, 2002

    The guests that attended:

    • Yokoyama Chisa (Shinguuji Sakura)
    • Takano Urara (Tachibana Maria)
    • Nishihara Kumiko (Iris Chateaubriand)
    • Fuchizaki Yuriko (Li Kohran)
    • Tanaka Mayumi (Kirishima Kanna)
    • Ikura Kazue (Reni Milchstrasse)
    • Shimazu Saeko (Glycine Bleumer)
    • Kozakura Etsuko (Coquelicot)
    • Takamori Yoshino (Kitaooji Hanabi)
    • Hidaka Noriko (Erica Fontaine) [attended only March 31]
    [I was disappointed that Tomizawa Michie, Orikasa Ai, or Inoue Kikuko did not show up. ^_^;] I was very glad to hear that some of the seiyuu actually played the game and to hear their opinions about it.

    Chisa has a nickname: "Chii-chan." ^^;

    (This is the 3/30 event.)

    All the guests came out and got to bow to the audience before sitting down. Tanaka Mayumi soaked in all the applause before sitting down, and Hiroi Ooji (the main man behind 'Sakura Taisen') had to ask her to sit down quickly.

    Hiroi asked all of them to voice what they thought of ST4 in one word, starting with Chisa. Chisa was very thoughtful and asked if the back people could see. Chisa said that once she read the script for ST4, she couldn't believe that the "Sakura" series would be over. Overall, she said the aspect of the "Oogami Kagekidan" in the game was something that gave her an excited impression.

    Takano Urara said that she still didn't feel as if "Sakura" has ended yet. She keeps wondering, "What's next?" and although she says that the farewells are sad (I think she not only applies this to the game but to the cast, since she looks at everyone when she says this), she keeps thinking it will continue.

    Next was Nishihara Kumiko. Her normal voice IS pretty much her Iris voice. ^_^; Kind of annoying (she's even worse on Utaban!). Like Urara, she keeps thinking that "Sakura" has not ended. She liked the "play within a play" aspect and kept wondering when Hiroi would let them do the live performances. Then very cutely, she tells Hiroi, "Kangaete kudasai ne?" (Please think about it, OK?)

    It was very weird to hear Fuchizaki Yuriko talk in non-Kansai dialect like Kohran (many native speakers criticize Yuriko's Kansai dialect, though). When she saw the ST4 CM on TV, she forgot that ST4 was ending and was surprised. ^_^; She asked how many people have played it so far and was delighted to see that many people had played it already (Shimazu Saeko raised her hand, too!). "It looks like you don't have to say anything now, Mayumi-san," she says before handing the mic to Tanaka Mayumi.

    Tanaka Mayumi then stands up and shouts, "The people in the back -- can you see my two-meter self?" ^_^; (She's using Kanna's dialect during this part.)

    Kazue: Are you standing?
    Mayumi: (!) Shut up you -- hey, how rude! Did everyone hear that? Say it properly in the mike!
    Kazue: I asked if you're standing. ^_^; I thought you were sitting.
    Mayumi: I'm standing!

    I kept seeing Reni teasing Kanna... haha. ^^; Then Mayumi went over and asked Ecchan (Kozakura Etsuko) to stand up.

    Mayumi: But today... Kozakura Ecchan, stand up.
    Etsuko: Aah... you're very tall, Mayumi-san. ^_^;
    Mayumi: I have never felt such happiness. ^_^

    Not unlike Kanna, Mayumi is a very funny person judging from this clip. ^_^; Then Mayumi apologized and went back to her seat. "About ST4... everyone, eat natto! It's good for your body!" she said (this refers to a game event where Kanna is trying to make Kohran eat natto in the dining room). Then she asked Yuriko, "Kohran! Are you eating your natto?" and Yuriko looked overwhelmed and responded in Kohran's voice, "Uchi... dame ya-nen!" ^_^

    Ikura Kazue went next, introducing herself, and stumbled over Reni's last name. Mayumi teased her and said, "What was that? Say it again." ^_^; Kazue said that she thought she knew how to say it, but she keeps stumbling time from time. She doesn't feel as if "Sakura" is over, and is happy that she sang songs with the group and feels like there's another song that's waiting to be sung, and especially liked singing the "Gekitei" chorus with everyone.

    Shimazu Saeko said she actually played ST4 to the very end - "Of course, with the Glycine ending." ^_^; She said she doesn't want to say anything that might spoil the game for others. She feels really glad to have "met" Glycine (claiming the role, that is).

    Kozakura Etsuko says she's currently playing the game and is at the point where Kaede is explaining the story of "Aah Mujoh" to Oogami. ^_^ She says that she really enjoyed the last song (I believe she is referring to "Kimi yo Hana yo") and said that she is not good at singing, so she worked very hard for that song. She then said she might be able to sing it live for everyone... but she was only kidding. (I'm hoping that maybe this song will be performed at this upcoming Song Show.)

    Takamori Yoshino said that the afureko of ST4... she was glad that it was over (probably because of so much voice-work - she said for ST3's afureko: "Totemo taihen deshita." ^^;).

    Hiroi Ooji said that he too felt that "Sakura" still had not ended. "All I feel is that Yoneda-san's [story] has ended," since he's old and retires in the game. Chisa asked about Oogami, and Hiroi agreed that Oogami was still young and had a life ahead. "He's still a lieutenant, he might go on as lieutenant general! How many series do we need to do? When we do ST5, I'll be 50 years old!" (Hiroi was 48 at this time; ST5 is scheduled for a 2004 release.)

    The theme of the next talk topic is "embarrassing things" which happened in the past. The seiyuu can pass and say "no comment" if they don't want to say. The first topic was "Memory of First Love" (Hatsukoi no Omoide).

    Chisa: Kindergarten. When she was young, Chisa was very tomboyish, and she came to the conclusion that no one liked her because boys liked very weak, timid girls. (^_^;)

    Urara: Third grade. She used to have a dog, and over the summer, her crush took care of it. Not only that, but he made her a dog house and brought it to school to show her! Since they needed to bring it home, they brought it home together. Both of them were in the chorus club, so on the way home, they sang together. ^_^; Everyone in the crowd and on the seiyuu cast found this very adorable.

    Kumiko: First/second grade. She never talked to her crush much, but when she saw that he had dropped something and wanted to bring it to him, she saw it as her chance to strike a conversation. However, he was very mad when she brought it to him because it was a test he failed. "Here, my first love ended." ^_^;

    Fuchizaki: "Koi wo suru tabi ni hatsukoi desu!"
    Hiroi: "Wow!" ^^;
    Fuchizaki: "Uso desu!" ^^;
    Yuriko's first love was Susumu-kun, second was Akira-kun, and the third was Koete-kun. ^^; I guess this is good enough as a "no comment" pass remark?

    Mayumi: "I can't remember anything that happens everyday, so there's no way I can remember that!" ^_^;

    Saeko: "Mada kore kara desu!" ("I still haven't had a first love yet!") (^_^; Arara... ^^;)

    Etsuko: Happened in kindergarten. Name was Okabe "or something like that," and called him "O-chan." She even kissed him...

    Yoshino: Yoshino first liked someone based on appearance a long time ago. She said her first love was her father (? or maybe someone like her father?).

    Next topic: Marriage!

    Chisa: Lately is worried about what is the suitable age to get married. She hasn't been thinking of marriage, and doesn't want to get hitched, either. She hasn't met anyone yet who she wants to be with forever. She's waiting for her prince to come...

    Urara: She also doesn't have any ideas to get married (eh?! Does this mean she is not married to Yao Kazuki, or is this a cover-up?). She hasn't met anyone.

    Kumiko: "Kekkon daisuki!" (I love/I want to get married!) ^^; Everyone was surprised, and Hiroi said "Wow!" again. (Mayumi: "Urayamashii!" ^_^) She wants to get married.

    Yuriko: "Mono sugoku kekkon shitai desu! CHOU kekkon shitai desu!" ("I really want to get married! I *really* want to get married!") Hiroi urged her that whenever she has someone that she loves, she can get married any time she wants.

    Mayumi: Despite how much stressful and odd marriage was, she still loves it. She said that as soon as she got married, she was embarrassed to go to the bathroom (I think this is the intimacy issue?). Also, her husband was forgetful-minded since he would go to work, then come home to pick up things he forgot (in the bathroom?) while she was in there? Something like that. But all in all, she likes it.

    Kazue: Wants to get married.

    Saeko: "I don't even have a first love, so I can't even say anything! ^_^"
    Mayumi: "Hey, I've known you for 22 years..."
    In the past, there was the subject of pooping (what? No, I don't know how this topic came up).
    Mayumi: "Unko shinai no?" (Don't you poop?)
    Saeko: "Shinai~!" (I don't!)
    Mayumi: "Desu tte!!" (So she says!)
    [Did I miss something...?]

    Etsuko: She really wanted to when she was 29, since Koizumi Kyoko married at 29, so she really wanted to at 29. If no one came along by then, she'd marry who ever had even the remotest ideas of getting married to her. ^^; But I think she is married, since she said she is with "Nozomi" and got married when she was 29.

    Yoshino: This year would be her 14th anniversary, and is the only one out of the cast who enjoys her marriage thoroughly /and/ is married, with the exception of Mayumi (that we know for sure). She said she could talk for weeks about marriage. ^_^

    Then they asked music composer Tanaka Kouhei when his first kiss was. He said it was his first year in high school, but was hesitant to go on. "Your wife's not here, is she?" Hiroi teased. ^_^;

    Final topic: Vacation to foreign country: fun things? Embarrassing things? Culture shock?

    Chisa: Went to Australia before. Her older sister lives in Italy and so she went there for New Year's. There was no straight trip, and she had to change flights at Paris. At the airport, when it was time to board her flight, Chisa went to the ticket lady and showed her the ticket. However, the lady became very mad and grabbed Chisa's hand and ran to another ticket area, and then got her another one, because Chisa had to buy another ticket to board the plane (well, that was Chisa's assumption, anyway). Hiroi agreed that it was very hard if you couldn't communicate.

    Urara: Hiroi assumed that Urara had been in Japan for a short time (thinking she had been traveling a lot lately), but actually, Urara corrected him, saying she's been in Japan for some time and hasn't traveled for a while. When she was 14, she went out of the country, but went on the wrong plane. She was supposed to arrive in Alaska, but the plane went to all sorts of places.

    Kumiko: Likes Disneyland, and went to the one in Los Angeles. The people who worked there are much older than the ones who work in Japan, and she found that interesting.

    Yuriko: Went to Australia with her mother. It was the time of the Olympics, and it was great to see many people of different nationalities there.

    Mayumi: First place was Hawaii, and had an English/Japanese translator. Went with her son. Some of the stores they have Japanese speakers, but at one store, they tried to speak with her in English. She needed chopsticks, and while she was not confident in English, she thought she knew what "ohasshi" (chopsticks) was. It took a while, but she got them, but it turns out she realized she was making a mistake and was saying "chupachapusu." ^_^;;; So she said she can't go anywhere where there is no Japanese language support. Also, the Sakura Taisen cast went to a trip in Saipan, and Hiroi said that she enjoyed swimming in the pool with her clothes on... turns out that Hiroi pushed her in the pool. ^_^; Tanaka Kouhei was pushed in the pool, too. Yoshino also fell in the pool with her passport and trunk and all.

    Saeko: Are you sure that she fell, or she was pushed? Hiroi: Fell! I swear, I didn't push, I saw it with my own eyes.

    Kazue: Couldn't go on the Saipan trip, but she would tell Hiroi that her clothes were expensive. ^_^; Then there was an inside joke about something that happened to Urara at the trip. Went to Hawaii for New Year's... a pent house. Kazue got sick.

    Saeko: Whenever Saeko returns from a trip out of country, she loves Japan no matter where she goes. However, there are a few places where she absolutely likes and wants to stay there (?). Then Saeko asked, "Doesn't that happen to anyone?" No one answered, then Saeko said in this cute voice, she said, "Iya~da," and asked if anyone was listening. The voice surprised everyone and Kazue commented that Saeko appeared like a weak-timid woman unlike her true self, and then Saeko yelled out in this loud, scary voice, "Gomen nasa~i!" ^_^;

    Etsuko: Went to Hong Kong and Saipan. Wants to go to Paris. Something about language problem.

    Yoshino: Went to Hawaii with her high school on a field trip. She also mentioned that she had trouble eating food in other countries (I guess she got sick or something, or it didn't suit her appetite) and she also said that Ecchan was like this, too.

    This was the end of the seiyuu talk panel. They played "Yume no Tsuzuki" over the speakers as the seiyuu left.

    Hiroi announced the release of the OVAs. One will explain how Sumire will retire, and the other one will be about the Paris Hanagumi (3 episodes). There will be a Super Kayou Show this summer from August 15-19 in a different place -- at the Aoyama Gekijou. Hiroi said that this time, there will be no live band, and instead will use recordings. (The songs will be performed live, but the background music will be recordings. How disappointing!) The title of this Super Kayou Show is "Shinpen Hakkenden!" The poster design is by Yokkou Takahashi.

    I have not yet watched the 3/31 broadcast, so I can't say if anything different was there, since Hidaka Noriko attended. Once I watch it, I will post what happens.

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