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  • School Idol Festival card skills

    Each R, SR, and UR card has a special skill which can help the player during the game. There are three different kinds of help, and several kinds of conditions that trigger the help.

    The three kinds of help are as follows.

    charm additional points
    yell life recovery
    trick lenient judgement of tap

    The trigger conditions are as follows.

    rhythmical a certain number of combo
    timer a certain number of seconds
    total a certain number of notes
    perfect a certain number of perfect taps
    score a certain number of points
    star perfect getting a perfect on a star note

    The R cards and serial code SR and UR cards all have the same type of skills. They are a combination of rhythmical, timer, total, or perfect and charm, yell, or trick.

    The cards (as of March 2015) have the following skills.

    rhythmical-charm 17 combo, chance of additional points
    rhythmical-yell 17 combo, chance of life recovery
    timer-charm 10 seconds, chance of additional points
    timer-yell 10 seconds, chance of life recovery
    perfect-charm 15 perfects, chance of additional points
    perfect-yell 15 perfects, chance of life recovery
    total-yell 20 notes, chance of life recovery
    total-trick 20 notes, chance of lenient judgement

    The R and serial SR/UR cards of the same type of skill can be practiced together to increase the skill level (up to a maximum of level 8). As the skill level goes up, the probability of the trigger goes up, along with the help values.

    The non-serial SR and UR cards all have uniquely named skills, but the effect is the same as a combination of the trigger and help listed above. To practice these cards, you need to have two of the same cards, or one of the special teacher SR/UR card.

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