A La Mode Tai

A La Mode Tai (アラモード隊) is a group made up of four seiyuu for the game and anime Famires Senshi Pudding (ファミレス戦士プリン). The members are Mizuno Saya (水野沙耶), Ishii Rena (Tachibana Rena), Minami Chiharu (南見ちはる), and Mizuki Sanae (瑞希早苗).

Ishii Rena left the group on August 1, 2004.

The A La Mode Tai was formed in February of 2004, and appeared at various publicity events, game show, and idol events to sing the songs of Famires Senshi Pudding. They usually wear the waitress outfits of the game/anime, but they also wore a China dress outfit in some events (May/June 2004).

A La Mode Tai sang songs in the following CD.

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