LaLa Mode CDR

LaLa Mode

distributed 2001.11.00
0 yen (free)

This CD-ROM (actually a CDR) is a "present" from the LaLaLu fan club, for members who signed up early. I was hoping it would have some nice files.. but there were only two files on this CD-ROM. (;_;)

-r-xr-xr-x 1 root 5298939 10 25 14:19 omake.rm
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root 37575772 10 25 13:55 photo.rm

Both are 450 Kbps real media files.

omake.rm is a 94 second clip of LaLaLu singing "You & I" at the debut event on 8/19.

photo.rm is a 11 minute clip of a photo session. There are some individual closeups during this photo session, and the girls appear in the following order.

0:52 Ohtsuka Mae
1:16 Sakurai Sara
1:40 Miyanishi Noa
2:08 Aina
2:35 Itou Asuka
3:00 Shintani Sayaka
3:28 Kimura Ikue
3:58 Minano Fuuko
4:18 Hinano Mayo
Around the 9 minute mark, they take photos inside a heart shaped cutout. The top row (from left to right) is Minano Fuuko, Sakurai Sara, Kimura Ikue, and Hinano Mayo. The middle row (from left to right) is Miyanishi Noa, Shintani Sayaka, and Itou Asuka. The bottom row is Ohtsuka Mae and Aina.


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