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Iida Riho TV appearances

Some of the tv that Riho has appeared in are as follows.

2014.03.30Haru mo Egao de 1 2 Jump!Concert video clips
2014.10.20Music Japanperformance {Muse}
2014.12.12Gekkan Bushiroad TV 36guest (School Idol Festival comment)
2014.12.31Love Live! 2014 Nen Arigatou Bounenkai Muse to Sugosu Oomisoka SPguest
2015.02.16R no Housokuguest {Muse}
2015.07.05-2015.09.27Venus Project TVperformance, talk
2015.10.11Music Japanperformance {Muse}
2015.12.04Music Stationperformance {Muse}
2015.12.05Love Live Special Program "Muse Koremade to Korekara"talk
2015.12.31Kouhaku Utagassenperformance {Muse}
2016.07.27Nakai no Madoguest
2016.08.13LisAni TV2nd album message
2016.12.11Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.5 (3rd day 1st half)performance
2016.12.18Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.6 (3rd day 2nd half)performance
2020.03.08Anison! Premium!Love Live Fes video
2020.04.29Love Live! Fes [FujiTV]event video