Fan! Fam!! Fun!!! 1bu

title Fan! Fam!! Fun!!! 1Bu
date/time 2021.03.20
broadcast niconico, youtube
cost 2200 yen (members)
3300 yen (non-members)
seiyuu Nomura Maiko (野村麻衣子)

This was a live broadcast of the first session of Nomura Maiko's appearance on the seiyuu broadcast Fan! Fam!! Fun!!!

It was broadcast on niconico and youtube. The youtube broadcast was free, and was only the first part. The rest of the broadcast required a payment (3300 yen). The niconico timeshift was available for just one week. In the pay for part, Maiko sang several songs.
Maiko had two sessions today, session 1 and session 2.

Maiko was wearing a black, short sleeve Fred Perry one piece. She said it was the first time she wore short sleeves this year. Maiko said she wasn't good at choosing clothes, so she wears black a lot.

Maiko played a quiz game with the viewers.

After that they went to the karaoke corner. Maiko stood up and put on headphones to sing.

The songs Maiko sang were as follows.

  • Yasashisa no Riyuu (優しさの理由)
  • Ageha Chou (アゲハ蝶)
  • Mosaic Roll (モザイクロール)
  • Magic Number (マジックナンバー)
Then there was a presents corner. Maiko signed a Fan Fam Fun sticker.

Maiko announced that there will be a Fan Fam Fun real event on 5/3. Maiko and Suganuma Chisa will be the guests, and there are two sessions at 14:30 and 18:00. There will also be a broadcast of this event.

Maiko was going to sing one more song at the end. But there was a fairly big earthquake right before Maiko was going to sing, and they cut off the broadcast for a few minutes. After the earthquake, Maiko sang "Catch the Moment" (Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale).

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