Fan! Fam!! Fun!!! 2bu

title Fan! Fam!! Fun!!! 2Bu
date/time 2021.03.20
broadcast niconico, youtube
cost 2200 yen (members)
3300 yen (non-members)
seiyuu Nomura Maiko (野村麻衣子)

This was a live broadcast of the second session of Nomura Maiko's appearance on the seiyuu broadcast Fan! Fam!! Fun!!!

It was broadcast on niconico and youtube. The youtube broadcast was free, and was only the first part. The rest of the broadcast required a payment (3300 yen). The niconico timeshift was available for just one week. In the pay for part, Maiko sang several songs.

Maiko was wearing a short sleeve shirt and a long skirt. She said she bought it yesterday. It was a different outfit from the first session.

Maiko played a drawing game.

After that they went to the karaoke corner. Maiko stood up and put on headphones to sing.

The songs Maiko sang were as follows.

  • Ai wo Utae (アイヲウタエ)
  • Aoi Sangoshou (青い珊瑚礁)
  • Eriashi (えりあし)
  • Perfect Day
For an encore, Maiko sang "Singing" (from K-On).

Maiko said she had never seen the K-On anime, so she watched the K-On movie last night. She said her high school days was just like K-On.

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