Ready Study Go! 8

title Bokutachi ha Benkyou ga Dekinai niconama tokuban
Ready Study Go! 8
date/time 2019.11.10
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Shiraishi Haruka ()
Tomita Miyu (ͫ)
Suzushiro Sayumi
Asahina Madoka

This was a live broadcast for the TV anime Bokutachi ha Benkyou ga Dekinai. This was a broadcast of a public recording event, and all five seiyuu appeared.

They announced that the second single by Study, "Can Now Can Now" went on sale 10/30. They will also have their second live on 12/1.

Then there was a surprise birthday celebration for Miyu. The staff brought out an omurice (omelette rice), that Miyu liked very much. Then the other seiyuu wrote Miyu's name on it with ketchup. They also gave Miyu a message board.

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