Tenshi no 3P 6

title Tenshi no 3P niconama Katsudou Nisshi 6
date/time 2017.11.24
broadcast niconico
archive none
hosts Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
Endou Yurika (遠藤ゆりか)
Koga Aoi

This was the 6th broadcast for the TV anime Tenshi no 3P (three piece). The hosts were Ohno Yuuko, Endou Yurika, and Koga Aoi.

They said that they were practicing for their live.

Today they were going to make a flyer for their live. Each person did parts of the flyer.

They played a song from the bluray tokuten CD, "Belive in.. Myself"

When they finished making the flyer, they showed the handwritten flyer.

After that there were a few game corners, and they gave out information on Tenshi no 3P goods.

At the end, they gave out information on upcoming events.

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