Shuwarin TV 12

title Pastel Palettes Shuwarin TV 12
date 2020.09.18
broadcast youtube
hosts Maeshima Ami (前島亜美)
Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)
Nakagami Ikumi

This was the 12th broadcast of Shuwarin TV, by Pastel Palettes. The seiyuu were Maeshima Ami, Uesaka Sumire, and Nakagami Ikumi.

The challenge for this broadcast was the "Waku Waku Meets Trip" announce game. The seiyuu had to do an announcement during the opening talk segment of the song "Waku Waku Meets Trip", which was around 10 seconds.

They picked a topic out of a box, then they had to think of some announcement that they can say in 10 seconds. There was no prize or treats for the seiyuu.

The regular broadcast was around 19 minutes, and Ami's corner was around 5 minutes.