Shuwarin TV 17

title Pastel Palettes Shuwarin TV 17
date 2020.12.04
broadcast youtube
hosts Maeshima Ami (簡)
Ozawa Ari (߷)
Uesaka Sumire (䤹ߤ)
Nakagami Ikumi
Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 17th broadcast of Shuwarin TV, by Pastel Palettes. The seiyuu were Maeshima Ami, Ozawa Ari, Uesaka Sumire, Nakagami Ikumi, and Hata Sawako.

They played a word game, "guess the topic with four words". One seiyuu had to guess what the topic word was, by using the hints given by the other four seiyuu. Each of the four seiyuu can write just one word on the paper.

In the middle of the broadcast there was a 5 minute corner where the seiyuu got to eat a special yakiniku bento. It was especially made for this show.

At the end of the game, they got a present, cheesecake.

The main broadcast was around 18 minutes, and Ami's corner was around 5 minutes.