Shuwarin TV 22

title Pastel Palettes Shuwarin TV 22
date 2021.03.05
broadcast youtube
hosts Maeshima Ami (簡)
Uesaka Sumire (䤹ߤ)
Hata Sawako (»)
Ozawa Ari (߷)
Nakagami Ikumi

This was the 22nd broadcast of Shuwarin TV, by Pastel Palettes. All five seiyuu participated.

Since this show began in April 2020, it was almost one year. They talked about some of the early broadcasts.

Then they talked about the Pastel Palettes events that appeared in the Girls Band Party game last year.

They also showed an animated music video of "Title Idol".

The main part was around 25 minutes, and Ami's corner was around 5 minutes.