Girls Niconico Days 4

title Girls Niconico Days 4
Chou Seiyuusai 2021
date/time 2021.04.25 17:00-
broadcast niconico
cost free, premium members
seiyuu Seto Hikari
Nomura Maiko (¼)
Haruno Anzu
Nitta Hiyori
Shibata Mei

This was a live broadcast from the Chou Seiyuusai 2021 event for the "Girls Radio Days" radio show. The seiyuu were Seto Hikari, Nomura Maiko, Haruno Anzu, Nitta Hiyori, and Shibata Mei.

The first 40 minutes or so was free, and the rest was for niconico premium members. The total was around 70 minutes.

There was a new series of broadcasts for Girls Radio Days, Girls Radio Tokubetsuhen 21 Unlimited, and they talked abbuut it for a while.

Then they started playing some games. The first game was a driving (air driving) game. One seiyuu acted out the driving, while the others gave some directions, by talking. The driver had to act out according to the situation that was created. Maiko went first, then all the others. After everyone finished, they took a niconico survey with the viewers, and Anzu won.

Then the free broadcast ended.

Next they played a board game, using the whole studio as the board. They rolled a large die, and had to walk across the room, while performing some tasks that they pulled out of a box. Anzu won this game too.

At the end, there were final messages by everyone.

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