Abema Game Nine Tuesday 9

title Abema Game Nine Tuesday 9
date/time 2018.03.20
broadcast abema TV
cost free
seiyuu Iida Riho (Τ)
Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)

This was a weekly broadcast where the seiyuu guests play games. The guests were Iida Riho and Yoshimura Haruka.

Riho and Haruka don't like horror games, and they screamed a lot in the previous broadcast. But they still made them play more horror games to fight off their weakness.

Riho they played the horror game "Dead Hungry". Haruka was afraid of heights, so they made her play "Kaiji VR".

Since Riho cleared her game, she got to eat a cake at the end.

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